Frequently Asked Questions on Flosstra Water Flosser Collection

1400-1800 pulses per minute and a water pressure of between 30 - 120 psi (30-80-120 psi for 3 pressure modes + DIY Mode: 10-110 psi).

Research shows that the production of pulsations over 1200 per minute with a pressure range of medium to high or 50 psi to 90 psi produced the best results.

Please use the adaptor with a power supply of no more than 5V-1A, and we provide one USB cable.

PD adaptor or fast charger over 5V-1A can't be used to charge the device, or you may damage the battery.

USB charging is applicable to various charging equipment like power bank, computer, laptop, train, etc.

Sequential flashing of 4 mode lights indicates that the battery is charging. When all lights are on constantly, it indicates that the device is charged fully.

Please hold the power button for 3s to check the remaining battery power. The indicator will flash or turn red if it needs charging when you use the device or press the button.  


The capacity of it is 200ml, enough for once flossing.

Firstly, twist reservoir counterclockwise to remove from the device.

Secondly, pull out the bottom cap.


It comes with 3 pressure modes ranging from 30-120 psi (30-80-120 psi), and one DIY mode, ranging from 10-110 psi.

Press the mode button to choose a suitable mode.

DIY mode is a self-adjustable mode by user, please use it by following steps:

1.Select DIY mode,

2.Turn the power on,

3.Hold the “Mode” button continuously,

4.The water flosser will circulate from soft to strong while DIY indicator is flashing at the same time.

5.Release the mode button whenever you find suitable and comfortable pressure to floss with, the flossing pressure will be fixed at time of releasing.


You can start with the lowest setting and increase to your liking. The same to the people who use the water flosser for the first time.

Of course, you can choose the most suitable and comfortable mode, starting from the lowest mode, for teeth cleaning and flossing of kids and elders, or people with sensitive teeth.

We provide 6 replaceable nozzle tips, including 2 standard jet tip, 1 periodontal tip, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 tongue cleaner and 1 nasal tip.

Please set the pressure to the lowest mode and adjust to a higher mode for more water pressure till it feels comfortable when you use these tips.

You can replace tips every 6 months, as for the periodontal tip and orthodontic tip, you can replace it every 3 months or when you see the tip beginning to wear.

Of course you can.

Binicare water flosser is waterproof and IPX 7 rated for use in the shower. It is cordless and portable, great for small spaces and travel.

Please don’t use the device during charging.

It is powered with a powerful battery, 2500mAh, fully charged in 3-5 hours and last for 25-30 days at a normal use (2 minutes for once a day).