Binicare water flossers electric toothbrush

About Binicare™

Founder of Binicare™ said:

"When I can't be a dentist dad, I became a dad to provide water flossing solutions for all kids, that is why Binicare is founded."

My daughter scared of two things, needles and dentist, but she scared most is that both of these are there when visiting her dentist, then I try to protect her teeth and found besides brushing, flossing can be an effective way to protect her tiny teeth, but dental floss is difficult and painful for her, so I knew the pain-free water flosser, which is very popular for oral health care, I even found it is great chance to start my challenge and work on this as a business, that is why we found Binicare, and build our water flosser brand.

We believe prevention is always better than cure for teeth problems, we even design our water flosser into 5 pressure settings for different teeth and oral conditions, even works great for kids, elders, and sensitive teeth.

Get first peek at why Binicare™ water flosser is powerful teeth cleaning tools for daily oral healthcare.

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Why Binicare Oralcare Solutions

Binicare is a trusted brand of cordless water flossers, portable oral irrigators, electric toothbrush, and other personal care products for teeth care at travel, home, and office use. Binicare’s portable water flossers are recommended by dental professionals, much easier and more effective than string floss, ideal to remove plaque, food particles, and stains around dental bridges, braces, implants, and crowns, and improving gum health by reducing bacteria below the gumline, helps to reduce inflammation and bleeding gums for complete oral care.

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Powerful Water Flosser for Teeth

All-round Oral Care Solution

99.9% of the plaque can be rinsed out from the treated area, food debris can be removed from hard-to-reach areas, effectively improving the overall oral conditions.

Special tips are designed to clean the gumline. Unique pulsations can massage gum to reduce gingivitis, and provide all-around oral healthcare.

Alternative floss tool to enhance your oral treatment by cleaning around implants, crowns, bridges, brackets, braces, wires, etc.

binicare design and supply the most user-friendly water flossers for users to floss their teeth easily and effectively

Easy to Floss

User-friendly Water Flossers

Instead of 3 pressure modes offered by most of the water flossers which are too strong or not strong enough for some users.

Binicare insists on 5 selective modes from softest pressure for kids, elders, and sensitive teeth to highest pressure for strong teeth in need of effective flossing.

That brings a better flossing experience, the users can have more options to choose and decide the most comfortable and best suitable pressure for their teeth and gum. The design is more compatible and user-friendly.

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No Flossing is Impossible

Travel size, Floss on the go

Binicare water flosser is small in size and battery powered which is easy to carry and store, the users can floss before brushing, during the shower, even at the office or in traveling, it takes only one minute to floss for a whole day of oral fresh.

The device can help you to keep oral health in this easiest and most effective way, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.