Is a Water Flosser Good for Gingival Recession?

Is a Water Flosser Good for Gingival Recession?

Gingival recession is a common dental problem. Most people don't know they have a gingival recession because it happens gradually. If you are worrying about that if a water flosser good for gums, you will get a certain answer and change your mind after reading this blog.

Is a Water Flosser Good for Gingival Recession?

Gingival recession is a common dental problem. Most people don't know they have a gingival recession because it happens gradually. If you are worrying about that if a water flosser good for gums, you will get a certain answer and change your mind after reading this blog.Binicare cordless water flosser

What Is The Gingival Recession?

Gingival recession is a common disease in dentistry. Gingival recession can easily cause dental calculus, loose teeth, tooth loss, and other diseases. In general, gingival atrophy can be divided into two types: physiological atrophy and pathological atrophy.

Pathological atrophy refers to the gingival atrophy caused by foreign bodies on the gingival edge of the patient, which cannot be effectively removed for a long time; physiological atrophy refers to the atrophy of the tooth root to a certain extent with age, and corresponding measures should be taken to alleviate and prevent gingival atrophy.

What Causes The Gingival Recession?

Periodontal disease. If your mouth is not cleaned regularly, it will lead to the appearance of periodontitis. A large amount of food residue will be left between the teeth. Over a long period, these food residues will irritate the gums, which will easily cause gum problems and loose teeth, leading to inflammation. The long-term existence of inflammation will cause the alveolar bone to recede, so that gingival recession occurs.

Wrong way of brushing teeth. Every time you brush your teeth very hard, the bristles of the toothbrush are too hard, or you like to brush your teeth horizontally, etc., which will affect the health of the gums and teeth, and induce symptoms of gum recession.

Misaligned teeth. If your teeth are misaligned or not lined up neatly, it is also easy to cause gum recession. The main reason is that the amount of alveolar bone in the human body is fixed. When the teeth are overcrowded, the alveolar bone on the surface of the teeth will become less and less. Including you usually eat some hard things, bad eating habits can also cause pulp atrophy.

Lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very important nutrient for the human body. If people do not pay attention to supplementing the sufficient amount of vitamin C needed by the body in real life, long-term vitamin C deficiency will lead to malnutrition in the gums. Naturally, the gums will shrink and degenerate, causing the onset of gum recession.

How to prevent the Gingival recession?

Adhere To Regular Teeth Cleaning

To prevent the occurrence of receding gums, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for regular teeth cleaning every six months or a year. Ultrasonic tooth cleaning can remove the residual substances and bacteria in the teeth, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of receding gums, which is also very helpful in eliminating bad breath and preventing the occurrence of oral diseases.

Clean Your Mouth In Time After Meals

Many oral problems are caused by unclean, untimely, and incomplete oral hygiene. If the food residue is not removed in time, it will ferment and form dental plaque, and the accumulation of dental plaque will further turn into dental calculus. Dental calculus is one of the important causes of periodontal disease!

Use a Water Flosser

Portable water flosser is a common tool to improve dental health in daily life. It can usually be used to remove food residues between the teeth, keep the mouth clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.Binicare water flossers

Brush Your Teeth Properly

Many people habitually brush their teeth horizontally when brushing their teeth. The correct way of brushing teeth should be a combination of vertical and horizontal.

In addition, the choice of toothbrush should be extra careful. The bristles should not be too soft or too hard, to have a better cleaning effect and not damage the gums.

Brush Teeth With Warm Water

Because the pulp nerve is sensitive to temperature, especially the tooth with tooth wear and exposed dentin, it can cause receding gums when exposed to cold stimulation. Warm water is a natural protector for teeth and prevents allergic receding gums.

Go To The Dental Hospital For Regular Checkups

Going to the dental hospital regularly can effectively prevent inflammatory oral diseases, such as dental calculus, periodontitis, oral ulcers, receding gums, and other problems that cause food impaction to stimulate and eventually cause receding gums.

Is a Water Flosser Good For Gingival Recession?

Many people worry that the water flosser will cause gum recession.

The best water flosser will not cause gum recession, but also help the gums to be healthier and more vibrant.

  • A water flossercan promote blood circulation in the gums and achieve the effect of strengthening the gums.
  • It can clean dental plaque on the surface of teeth, clean tongue coating, remove bad breath, massage and stimulate gums, and improve blood circulation.
  • It can even powerfully remove food residues and harmful bacteria accumulated in the crevices of teeth where toothbrushes and dental floss cannot reach, effectively preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, calculus, and periodontitis.

Final Thoughts

Gentle water flossers can help prevent and treat receding gums. Many dentists recommend water flossers. It's a gentle way to clean your teeth and gums, and it's also therapeutic for gum problems. Water flossers clean the gums and gently massage them to get the blood flowing to the gums, thus encouraging them to stay healthy.