Why Is Binicare Flosstra Perfect For Travel

Let us pack with Binicare Flosstra and start our new journey in 2022. You will be obsessed with both travel and water flossing. Here are several reasons that I choose the Binicare flosstra water flosser.

Why Is Binicare Flosstra Perfect For Travel

As a teeth implanter, I am using a water flosser for 5 years. My first brand is Water flosser, it really helps me a lot in the very beginning. Then I became a frequent traveler since I was promoted to a sales manager 2 years ago. I realized I have to choose another water flosser for my travel purpose. Then I bought Binicare Flosstra.

The reason I like Binicare flosstra is its strong travel spirit(Flosser+travel). It has so many advantages for traveling.  


Elegant and Small Size

The total height in the storage state is 6.3 inches, and the total height of the water flosser with the tank (excluding the nozzle) is 10.7 inches. And it's around 2.2 inches in diameter. So it can sit very quietly in the corner of your hand package.

Fully Protection Shell

Binicare Flosstra has a very delicate design. The whole body of the machine is perfectly covered by the hollow water tank when it is in storage mode. The water tank can be extracted out and screwed back when you use it. In this way when you travel with BINICARE FLOSSTRA.

  1. It can resist any impact even on a rough flight, no button will be knock-on and keep the machine running.
  2. There will no leakage problem. You can directly throw our Flosstra in the luggage without any bag or cases.


Storage of the Nozzle

Many times my water flosser nozzle could disappear in my luggage during my travel. It is so small and easy to slip out of your bag. But Binicare flosstra has a cavity right on the machine, you can store it on the nozzle right in the machine.


A Small but still Good Water Flosser

With the travel pack size, Binicare still has 4 modes that can reach 120PSI. It has 5 hours fast charge time and can last 25 days for 3 times use a day.

Let us pack with Binicare Flosstra and start our new journey in 2022.