String Floss vs. Water Floss Should I Use One Or The Other?

Dental flossers come in the market in two forms, string floss and water flosser. Most of the people can be seen worried about the selection of any one flosser from these two. Water flossers give you more control and you can floss teeth easily, and the string floss is also mostly popular among beginners.
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String Floss vs. Water Floss Should I Use One or the Other?


You've probably seen commercials advertising dental flosser products. Dental flossers come in the market in two forms, string and water flosser. Most of the people can be seen worried about the selection of any one flosser from these two. To assist you to decide between string flossing and water flossing, here in this article we will give you a detailed comparison of string floss vs water floss. They are both very similar but quite different at the same time. Let's break it down.

String Floss:

String Floss is flavored and made from nylon or Teflon, which proves it a good dental floss. The string floss resembles to a piece of string. It is convenient to floss every day with string floss as it is normally thicker and broader than other forms of dental floss and provides good grip. You can also wax or unwaxed the string that makes up the floss.

Water Flossing:

Water flossing is a form of dental cleaning, that uses water with specific pressure to floss your teeth. In water floss, a standard water jet tip or a particular fiber filter called a Pik Pocket is used to form a water jet tip.

Which One Is Better?

String Floss vs. Water Floss which one is better? The answer to this question varies from the person to person. If anything suits to a person, it does not mean that it will suit another. Everyone has their unique need, so you need to decide which floss is best for you. The differences between string floss and water floss can also plays the role in the decision.

String floss provides a good grip due to its bigger size and you can, use and slide in between teeth without any difficulty.

In addition, string dental floss is more durable, with less chance of breaking under pressure. However, this is a time taking process as it needs you to wrap and clean each tooth individually.

Water flossing doesn't require much time as string dental flossing since the water jet works on many teeth simultaneously. As it is easy to maneuver, water floss can be used under challenging areas for string dental floss to reach.

However, water flossing is not that easy it requires more coordination and pressure control when flossing the teeth.

You may need to purchase additional tips over time, which could lead to more significant expenses in the future.

The string floss and water floss both helps in maintaining a healthy mouth and removing plaque, tartar, preventing gum disease, and reducing bad breath.

Water Flosser without a cord:

Water flossers also come without a cord, and You can carry cordless water flossers with you all day and floss your teeth whenever you want. It is easy to use and store. These cordless water flossers have more price than the traditional models because they usually come with extra features, but you can also choose a cost-effective brand, Binicare water flosser.

Though there is no need to view dental care in black and white, it can sometimes be helpful to think of dental care products as two distinct groups: purely mechanical and chemical. Toothpaste is a perfect example of the first group, flossing and irrigation solutions.

There has been a lot of talk about using hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria. This is a chemical in its purest form. But when you put it into a product such as a mouth rinse, a somewhat different compound is formed, known as the "peroxyl" or "peroxy" radical.

What Should Consider When It Comes to a Water Flosser vs. String Floss?

Does flossing prevent gum disease? Both string floss and water floss are effective for plaque removal, gum disease prevention, and lousy breath reduction. However, some differences between the two options may help you choose what works for your unique needs or preferences.


Price is a significant feature to choose any product. You can select the flosser that comes in your budget. The water flossers are more expensive than the string dental flossers. So you need to consider your affordability while choosing any of the flossers.


String dental floss can usually be used twice as quickly as a water flosser, which also requires you to hold the device in place for at least 10 seconds before releasing it from your mouth. If you usually face a shortage of time, you can choose the string dental floss.


Water flosser is relatively new in the market as compared to string dental flosser, making it a much more popular option among consumers today.


String floss is advantageous as you can slide it between your teeth without applying pressure or coordination. Water flossers are difficult for you to handle for some people, it can be challenging for the people that has braces.

Possible Side Effects:

String dental floss can cause bleeding in the gums and irritate the inside of the mouth, whereas water flossing is less likely to cause such issues. But as water flossers put pressure on your teeth and clean them it can also cause some complications.

Tightening Effect:

Water flosser can clean between braces more efficiently, but the device may end up causing the teeth to look longer over time as it pushes your teeth apart. String floss has benefited over it.


String dental floss is a simplistic technology, while on a water flosser you can put the pressure while flossing according to your own need and can also target the area that you want to floss.

Water Floss is best for:

People who are very comfortable using the technology required for traditional water flossing may also prefer this option over dental floss.

People who have braces: It is challenging to clean the teeth spaces between braces with string standard string dental floss. A water flosser can easily slide between these areas and remove bacteria and minimize the risk of any possible infection.

People who are good with technology: Using a water flosser can be more convenient for some users than string flossing.

People who have had negative experiences with string dental floss: A water flosser may provide a more comfortable experience for you, especially if you have sensitive gums or teeth.

People who want to target specific areas of their mouth: String dental floss is ineffective at reaching problem areas such as between the teeth.

String Floss is best for:

People who are not comfortable using new technology should stick with string dental floss. You may also find that string floss is compelling enough for you, especially if you already have good hygiene habits and don't suffer from many oral health issues.

People like simplicity: String dental floss is less complicated than a water flosser, and it can be just as effective for plaque removal.

People who prefer more control over their oral care:  String floss provides better control over the situation, as you are in charge of the pressure and technique for string dental flossing.

People that has sensitive teeth tissue: string water floor is good for the people that has sensitive skin and they should be careful about  selecting the dental water floss.

People who don't like surprises: When you use string dental floss, you always know exactly what is coming next because you can control the product. A water flosser works on the pressurized water jet so there is not that much control over it.

Final Words:

Although it’s been a good time since string floss is in the market, the water flosser is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. Water flossers give you more control and you can floss your teeth easily, on top of that it also comes in a cordless form which makes them easy to carry and use. Water flosser has many benefits over other flossers. The string floss is also mostly popular among beginners.