How Do We Take Care of Bright Teeth at Home?

There are varieties of water flosser brands and plans that have some values and can be chosen according to different needs and priority levels. Do you floss your teeth often at home to keep great dental hygiene?

How Do We Take Care of Bright Teeth at Home?

Plaque removal issues have become more and more popular nowadays, particles stuck in between our tooth gaps produce acid and bad bacteria. People seek dental cleaning tools and products, such as electric toothbrushes, mouthwash, and dental irrigators.

There are varieties of water flosser brands and plans that have some values and can be chosen according to different needs and priority levels. You can choose a Binicare water flosser for kids and make water flossing a habit on daily basis to remove germs and clean your teeth properly.


Remarkable Water Flossers Benefits

  • Deeply clean your teeth and gums: Water flossing offers deep cleaning which is why so many dentists recommend this device. It is especially true for individuals who have suffered from gum disease or other serious dental problems. The best water teeth cleaner cleans your teeth deeply because they are able to penetrate the periodontal pockets and remove any food or plaque found between the teeth.
  • Ideal for braces: If you have any form of braces including Invisalign or other orthodontic appliances, it can be difficult and complex to floss with a convenient floss. Using a dental irrigator with steady pulses can clean your teeth behind the wires of your braces. This practice will flush out any debris efficiently. The best flossers for braces don’t depend on a higher price, but usually, user-friendly designs and accessories.
  • Water flosses are less abrasive: Using water floss over traditional floss is a great choice because water flosses are very gentle, especially in comparison to traditional floss. Water flosses are also less likely to irritate your gums.
  • Improve gum health: This practice allows you to remove plaque and food debris from hard-to-reach places which can prevent gum-related diseases like gingivitis. You can also choose a water flosser for sensitive gums to help you adapt to powerful pulses.

Although toothbrushes clean our teeth to some extent, it’s also necessary to use other supplements, such as mouthwash, and water flossers to help us take care of bright teeth at home. Only if we keep a daily routine of the dental cleaning, we can get better dental hygiene. Of course, visiting dentists every 6 months is also important.

Can the Water Flosser Whiten Your Teeth?

The best water flosser for teeth can whiten your teeth easily in an easier and gentler way, which removes 25% more stains than brushing alone. It sprays pressurized water with steady pulses to remove stains on the surfaces of teeth and clean up food debris in between the teeth.

Teeth ultimately turn yellow as you get older, when the enamel wears away from chewing and exposure to acids from food and drink. Most teeth turn yellow as this enamel thins with age, but some take on a grayish shade when mixed with a lasting food stain. What’s more, if we fail to clean up those stains in time, they will accumulate in your mouth, producing harmful bacteria and more acids. Therefore, it’s necessary to utilize floss and a toothbrush to safeguard our dental hygiene. Only by combining these two tools can we get a thorough dental cleaning, and lots of people have neglected the importance of flossing.

As for flossing tools, it is generally divided into string floss and water floss, people always find the topic about water floss vs dental floss, the latter can be more convenient, especially for people with joint inflammation or hard to push the string.

Some Other Tips to Whiten Our Teeth

Brushing with Baking Soda

It has natural whitening properties, which has proven that brushing with plain baking soda will whiten your teeth, but several studies show that toothpaste containing baking soda has a significant whitening effect. However, we shouldn’t just rely on the toothbrush to whiten our teeth, yellowish plaque needs to be removed by portable water flossers.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. While not technically not a natural way to whiten teeth, diluted it and has been used to treat certain oral health conditions, such as ulcers and gingivitis.

Take a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables

Crunchy fruits and vegetables are known to rub off plaque from your teeth while you chew them. They are not a replacement for brushing your teeth, of course, but any remedy is an excellent remedy if it gives results as expected. A major source of Vitamin C, such as the strawberry, is actually a fantastic whitening tool. Strawberries carry an enzyme known as malic acid which breaks down yellow causing bacteria found in plaque. After that, you could use a portable and powerful Binicare water flosser to clean up particles in between your teeth.

Final Thoughts

Water flossing makes your teeth look whiter by doing a better job of removing the particles between your tooth gaps, similar to the way that vacuuming or dusting rugs or furniture doesn't actually change their color, but the colors look brighter when you remove the dust and dirt. Most of the time, plaque is colorless or pale yellow. If people fail to remove plaque from teeth in time, which will accumulate minerals from their saliva and harden into an off-white or yellow substance called tartar and cause more dental problems. Water flossers help people to protect dental hygiene and prevent more gum diseases.