How Do I Choose a Portable Water Flosser for Travel?

People who use at home water flosser may wish to continue using it even during travel. How to choose a suitable travel water flosser, Binicare will give you answers.
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How Do I Choose a Portable Water Flosser for Travel?

In theory, we all want to provide ourselves with optimal dental health. When we are at home, and our set of toiletries is at our disposal, we are more apt to brush our teeth and floss daily. But some of us need to travel, and as with most things that we can enjoy in the comfort of our home, things become more inconvenient and burdensome.


Because flossing teeth may not be a favorite activity for most, people appreciate the benefits of a water flosser or some other type of portable oral irrigator. Many have replaced and supplemented their flossing at home with this useful instrument. But during travel, bringing a water flosser that often comes with a charging station, top nozzles, and wiring can be a big to-do.

Many forego flossing during travel altogether, while others struggle with packing their water flosser into a cumbersome toiletry bag. Most just settle for bringing along a basic string or ribbon floss. The latter is certainly a fine option, but those who utilize an at home water flosser may wish to continue using it even during travel.

To fill this exact need, portable water flossers for travel are manufactured to allow their effectiveness to combine with simpler portability. But how does one choose the one that is right for them?

Benefits of Water Flossing

There is no arguing the effectiveness of a water flosser. Research points to its utilization being a great companion practice to brushing and standard flossing, reducing gum recession and bleeding by as much as 37%. While water flossing doesn’t replace brushing, it does serve to more thoroughly break up plaque on teeth, reducing gum disease. Many dentists recommend water flossing in place of traditional flossing for those who have tight spaces between teeth or are wearing braces.

With such indisputable benefits, someone who regularly uses a water flosser would want to bring it along when traveling or staying the night in a place other than their own home. But no one wants to haul around a big flosser, which admittedly, many brands tend to be.

Choosing a Portable Water Flosser

With water flosser benefits being so well established across the dental community, patients will be looking to bring their water flossers with them when they are traveling. And some dentists also recommend water flossing. These put many patients on the market for the best water flosser cordless to suit their needs. So, what exactly makes a portable water flosser great and what criteria should one use to choose the optimal flosser.

There are a few criteria that one would want to evaluate in choosing the best portable cordless water flosser for travel. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The size of the water flosser
  • How compactly the water flosser can be packed?
  • How long does it hold charge/battery efficiency?
  • Does it sufficiently clean your teeth?
  • Price

Let’s take a look at each of these qualifiers one by one.

Travel Size Preferred

During travels, we often use bathrooms that may not be as spacious as those we have at home. Many times, we travel with family or a partner who also needs a share of the bathroom space. Therefore, the cordless water flosser should be one that does not occupy a ton of room. A travel size water flosser with a medium-sized design is perfect to carry with a trip.

Ease Of Packing

Of course, this is also a consideration for packing. We usually bring a toiletry bag or perhaps a pack, but we want to have it compactly keep our toiletries in it without being too bulky. There isn’t really escaping the portable water flosser from occupying a moderate amount of space, but it certainly won’t be as bulky without a charging base counterpart. Therefore, the portable water flosser should occupy at least 20% to 30% less room than the standard one. For a more compact packing, the travel water flosser would include a storage case.

Charge & Batter Efficiency

Some water flossers are powered by as little as a single AAA battery, while others require a periodic charge. Some of the latter come equipped with USB ports to make sure you can plug the brush into any outlet, assuming you have a wall adapter. Of course, battery-powered ones are much easier in the sense that they don’t not only rely on charging, the battery consumption in the higher quality portable oral irrigators is very small, so one battery can easily last your trip of several weeks, but it's easy enough to bring a spare if needed. Above all, the oral irrigator travel kit eases your oral hygiene routine and makes your life convenient.


If you are going to purchase a portable water flosser, you will want to make sure that it is clinically proven to be effective at cleaning your teeth. It needs to have sufficient (but not excessive) spraying power so it can perform as good of a job of removing food from between teeth and breaking off plaque as your home water flosser would.

As a portable tool, it should also be more lightweight than its chargeable counterpart patients may have at home. If any water remains in it after use, it is also important to make sure that the water reservoir seals tightly, in order to prevent leaking inside your travel packaging compartments. Regular water flosser vs travel flosser? Travel water flosser can also work well and make great effects during your journey.


The price does not always reflect the quality of the cordless water flosser. Some cost significantly less than others but may perform at the same rate. When comparing potential portable water flossers, dig deep into the reviews of both products and see what people are saying about the price and how its performance compares to others.

Will you choose the best affordable water flosser or the most expensive one? Portable water flossers typically do not require as many parts, so their prices tend to be lower, so if one costs as much as your charging water flosser at home, it best question what other features it provides to justify that cost. 


There are a ton of portable water flosser benefits. Those interested in acquiring one for travel should make sure that the unit is of moderate size, easy to pack, leakproof, holds ample battery life, or is quickly charged via USB, and does the job effectively. You may find one that costs a bit more, but if it is superbly reviewed, and has all of the attributes you want from a portable water flosser, it might just be worth the money. Certainly, you can also choose one you loved, for example, pink water flosser, the color of the water flosser makes you happy during the flossing, you can make a payment.