Does Hotel Have Free Teeth Care Products?

Do you need free teeth care products when traveling? It differs from country to country. I think this sharp difference is not only an environment concerning issue but also a kind of mentality difference. 

Does Hotel Have Free Teeth Care Products?

It is a very interesting topic. In most parts of the world like the USA or Europe, there is no toothbrush or paste in the hotel room. But in China, you can get free one dose no matter is one star or five-star hotel. They all provide toothbrushes and paste in the room. I think this sharp difference is not only an environment concerning issue but also a kind of mentality difference. Do you need free and effective teeth care products when traveling?


Most people consider brushing teeth to be a very private matter. It is very rude if something contaminated with your saliva is exposed in public. Even in some hotels, you will get a penalty if you lost your private toothbrush in the hotel. In China, The social distance is not so big. Imagine they have a large population living together, in some schools, you can still see hundreds of students brushing their teeth together in a public washing room.

In ancient china, normal people were forbidden to move freely. The government officers, mailmen, and appointed merchants were the only people allowed to travel. So the government builds up many courier stations for travelers. Inside they provided everything including food, personal use items, and even a free horse. Until now most Chinese will think toothbrushes or slippers are social routines when they show up at the hotel. But Europe and the US it quite different, people travel frequently, they are keeping traveling, from Europe to America, from NY to CA. So they took everything with them as most people were always on the road.

And now people are really taking care of their own teeth in the whole world. There are different toothbrushes and paste to cope with different teeth problems. That is why more and more people have their unique tooth protection pack when they travel. For me, I have an electric brush and Bincare water flosser. I will say goodbye to the hotel teeth brush.